Solving the Sales Data Conundrum...

ReSight is a fully-managed data collection, visualization, & reporting platform
plus CRM.
Tailored to CPG companies with an outside sales force.


The sales data challenge in the CPG industry

How to quickly achieve a consolidated picture of retail performance and sell through

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Traditional methods cost you

Lost Time : Numbers are 'stale' by the time they are crunched

Misused Talent : Often those who are equipped to perform strategic analysis on the data are spending their time compiling it

Limited Usability : Data is distributed in static reports which can not be refined as needed

How It Works

Step One

We COLLECT distributor & POS sales data on your behalf.

Step Two

We COMBINE all distributor & DBR information into an isolated, hosted, data warehouse.

Step Three

We PROVIDE access to a customized, interactive, sales-person friendly dashboard & reporting system.

Step Four

You NAVIGATE your retail data with ease!

C-Level image

C- Level Overview with Heat Map

View a company wide sales snapshot - fresh with monthly updates on year to date, new and lost location changes and more.

Click into a desired area within the heat map to see your product penetration along side market potential.

Clearly view your entire company sales from 30,000 feet.

Interactive image

Interactive Drillable Dashboards

Dynamic tables allow you to drive which data segment trends you want to see.

Click directly into the table to narrow down on monthly data by brand, sub brand, by formula and more.

Track sales movement across your entire company within seconds and better anticipate where things are headed.

Distributor and Chain Detail Grid

Compare topline numbers from each Distributor or each retail Chain side by side.

View the number of locations served by each distributor and the percentage of your company they comprise.

In these tables you can track movement amongst your distributors or chains to know how they have been producing.

Dist Detail Grid image Chain Detail Grid image

Individual Location Dashboard and Reporting

Equip your sales force with precise and easy to use store data.           

From here your team will know exactly what has been selling instore and how that compare month over month and year over year.

Find quick comparisons by region and companywide. Locate gaps quickly to make the most of your time in stores.

Report Index image22

Robust Suite of Reports

View your data the way you want. Exportable to all major formats.

Because we collect your data by item, by store and by date we are able to build reports, piece by piece, into what you need to see. Inside the report index you can find the most relevant and requested data reports.

Can’t find a report that you would like to see? Let us know and we will build it for you.

Gap report image

Gap Reports by Store by Item

Within moments, select the segment of locations to analyze and find specific item gaps.

Sort this Itemized Gap Report by store size, filter by brand or sub brand, or list by top items.

Like all reports, this report can be downloaded to Excel (see image on the left) and all other major formats.

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