A fully-managed data collection, visualization, & reporting platform plus CRM.
Tailored to CPG companies with an outside sales force.

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Let us make your wildest data-dreams come true.

One of the challenges facing CPG companies - especially manufacturers - is seeing a consolidated picture of retail performance and sell through. If spending your Saturdays combining distributor reports isn't your idea of fun, we have a solution: ReSight.

Let us do your data dirty work and deliver crisp, clean dashboards & reports to you and your sales people. Dig deeper into the data without VLOOKUPs, SUMIFs, or COUNTAs. Really, you and your sales folk have better things to do... like selling.

Spend your time thinking about the big picture NOT assembling it!

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How it Works

Leveraging our existng relationships with distributors, our data managers collect and load detailed sales information into your data warehouse. This data is then delivered via a suite of customizable online dashboards and reports.

Step One

We: collect distributor & POS sales data on your behalf..

Step Two

We: then combine all distributor & DBR information into an isolated, hosted, data warehouse.

Step Three

We: provide access to a customized, interactive, sales-person friendly dashboard & reporting system.

Step Four

You: Navigate your retail data with ease!


  • Customized, branded dashboard
  • Interactive drill-down charts & graphs
  • Granular data: location by item by week
  • Integrated mobile CRM app for iOS and Android
  • Full suite of reports at every level of business
  • Precision user permissions
  • Google maps integration to see retail coverage
  • Ad-hoc analysis tool (aka the 'Cube Browser')
  • Monitor Sales Rep performance
  • Track SPIFs & sell through
  • View product-level penetration
  • Collect field sales metrics at retail
  • Quickly identify areas of concern

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